AKA Joel Sigerson, etc. etc. etc.

  From a family of jazzers in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  Discovered punk and started playing guitar at age 12ish.
  First gig at age 17 as a singing cowboy, covering contemporary pop hits.
  First band Big Can Of Dog Food went nowhere in particular, but together with singer Marc Godfrey (later Soulkid #1) formed several more bands (Stage Door Janes, The Outrageous Valentinos, Psychomania etc.) with similar results, albeit with increasing respect from peers and audience.
  In '90s joined local rockabilly outfit Rattled Roosters and ruined them for their more purist fans. The band permanently relocated to Los Angeles a year later, becoming staples of both the SoCal roots/swing circuit, and the Hollywood underground rock scene.
  On the side, fronted '30s-style jazz combo Stardust Caravan Trio with Rattled Roosters rhythm section.
  As Rattled Roosters missed their kick at the can and went on hiatus, began playing with local alt-jazz alt-roots alt-redneck alt-alt acts in varying degrees of hired gun.
  Founding member of influential but short-lived cowboy-rockers The Snakehandlers (and designer of their bitchen logo).
  Currently plays with whomever...

Takes pictures too.
Does retouching, and other digital imaging tasks including motion.
Is a doting father.
Reads too much about too much. Understands little.
Exaggerates telekinetic ability.
Is intermittently hilarious.
Has no trouble whatsoever looking your mom dead in the eye and answering to "Easy".